Maharishi Peace Palace

Welcome to the Maharishi Peace Palace

Enjoy a deeply restful and enlightening TM Retreat in The Maharishi Peace Palace® in Rendlesham, Suffolk UK. A perfect course venue for those who already practice Transcendental Meditation® and the TM-Sidhi Programme®, or for those who wish to learn TM in a residential setting. This superb building has 30 very comfortable ensuite bedrooms, a spacious dining room and multiple meeting rooms and has been constructed according to ‘Maharishi Vastu®’ design – Maharishi Sthapatya Veda – the ancient principles of Vedic Architecture.

“The Maharishi Peace Palace is like magic: the best experiences are suddenly available and normal. Staying there is the most worthwhile thing you can do for your evolution.” Dr Peter Swan

Course participants enjoy extended practice of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Programme as well as group meditations, profound knowledge, discussion, fresh tasty vegetarian meals, gentle walks and plenty of rest. Courses vary from our standard TM Retreats to courses with specific themes – they all deepen our understanding and experience of Transcendental Meditation and its associated programmes. The powerful nurturing atmosphere is commented upon by our many visitors from all over the world.

“The Peace Palace is a triumph – such a haven of rest. Everyone is so helpful and supportive.” Catalina Botello 

Contact us: +44 1394 421 136

What’s on in the Peace Palace