A Quantum Leap for Your Evolution

Dates across
Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 2024 & Jan 2025

“My TM-Sidhi Programme® provides a direct entry to the full blossoming of the creative genius of everyone; it is a master key to open the field of higher states of consciousness, where one naturally lives life supported by the evolutionary power of Natural Law.”– Maharishi


“During the course I experienced boundless joy and bliss which was delightful. It was one of the best things I have ever done. My personal development has moved forward so far and fast. I would recommend the TM-Sidhi course to anyone who wants to have their desires fulfilled effortlessly and spontaneously.”
“I find daily practice of the TM-Sidhi Programme the simplest way to develop my full inner potential in the most enjoyable way one could ever imagine! With every passing year life becomes richer and increasingly effortless”.
“After practising the Yogic Flying technique I feel exhilarated, I feel lighter, I feel rested; and the main thing is, I feel flowing in happiness. It’s amazing to be able to feel this good each day in such a natural effortless way.”
“The TM-Sidhi Programme has significantly deepened and strengthened my experience of inner being, the silent, unbounded core of life – my self. And it has led to a stabilisation of that inner unboundedness, even in the midst of my day-to-day activities. I’ve noticed, too, an increasing richness of perception that reveals new levels of beauty in the world around me. There have been so many wonderfully rewarding, unexpected benefits of this practice.”
“In all honesty, i’m a bit of a sceptic and wasn’t expecting much. To my great delight, I was completely blown away! The course was a true revelation, an unmissable and unforgettable experience. My only regret is not having done it sooner.”


The TM-Sidhi Programme is a powerful tool to improve all aspects of life – your health, relationships, professional life, and the environment around you.
Stabilising and deepening the experience of Transcendental Consciousness that develops with regular Transcendental Meditation (TM) practice, the TM-Sidhi Programme more powerfully clears the path to higher states of consciousness – ultimately allowing you to enjoy a life of total creativity, success, and fulfilment.
How does it work?
During Transcendental Meditation, the mind settles effortlessly and naturally to arrive at pure consciousness, the silent inner reservoir of creativity and intelligence that underlies all our mental activity. Numerous scientific studies have shown that during TM, brainwave functioning becomes orderly and coherent.
The TM-Sidhi Programme takes your development even further by culturing the ability not only to arrive at pure consciousness, but also to think and act from this level of profound inner silence. The result is that your brain functioning becomes even more orderly, and thoughts and actions increasingly arise from this level. As a result, they become more powerful and effective, allowing you to more easily achieve your desires.
What is Yogic Flying?
The most powerful aspect of this programme is called “Yogic Flying”. This term refers to the phenomenon of the body rising up in the air, in response to the whole physiology coming in tune with natural law.
Revived from the Yoga Sutras of Sage Patanjali
While this of course sounds improbable, these ideas are not new to ancient Vedic Science. In fact, Maharishi revived the TM-Sidhi Programme from the Yoga Sutras of the sage Patanjali. who taught there were three stages of Yogic Flying. Patanjali describes the first stage of Yogic Flying as the body moving forward in short hops, a common experience of those practising the Yogic Flying within the TM-Sidhi Programme.


Thanks to Maharish’s revitalisation of this ancient knowledge, Western science is beginning to catch up with what Vedic Science has long understood. Numerous scientific studies over the past few decades have confirmed that something very significant is happening during even the first stage of Yogic Flying. Specifically, scientists have found that orderliness and integration of brain functioning peak just before the body lifts off the ground – a finding with profound implications for not only for the individual but also for human society everywhere.
Scientists have recorded major positive benefits of this programme to both individuals and society, especially when Yogic Flying is practised in large groups. On an individual level, some of the measured results include increased intelligence, younger biological age, and enhanced moral reasoning. Societal results include a decrease in crime rate, reduction in political violence, and an all-around improvement in quality of life.


Block 1. September 19-23
Block 2. October 25-28
Block 3. November 22-25
Block 4. December 27-January 10 2025


1. Regular practice of TM for minimum four months

2. A minimum number of Advanced Techniques of TM

3. One TM weekend residential retreat/course (or longer)

4. A TM-Sidhi Course Orientation Weekend

5. Recommendation from two TM Teachers

If you have any questions, doubts, or concerns, we can help you with those! Please email us or call Megan Farmer on 07517 421 269 or Ric and Pat Law on 07891 778 688. 


Please check the Peace Palace website for details or ask Megan or Ric and Pat to help.


The TMSC Course Fee is due upon booking your place on the Course. (In the event that any of the preliminary elements of the course cannot reasonably be completed, a full refund will be provided.)
In addition to the TMSC Course Fee, Peace Palace Room & Board costs for each of the four Blocks (see above) will be due latest 30 days before the start of each Block.


You will not be charged until you have confirmed your choices.

Please note that, as a result of significantly increased costs, from 15 July there will be a modest increase in Peace Palace Room and Board prices. However, anyone booking retreats or courses prior to that date, even though for later in the year, will be able to lock-in pre-July rates. This includes bookings for the 2024 TM-Sidhi Course in the Peace Palace.

Price & Booking

Accommodation is in the luxury rooms of Maharishi Peace Palace, build according to the ancient Vedic principles of Perfect Vastu. There is a choice of single, twin, and double rooms – in standard, superior, and executive – all en suite. A small number of executive suites is also available.

Rooms are limited in number, and bookings will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

The costs listed below generally include all elements of a Retreat/Course, including group or personal meetings, group TM Meditation and TM-Sidhi practice, as well as full-board accommodation. They also include VAT at 20%.

For a small number of courses, there are, in addition, course fees – for example, the TM-Sidhi Course, Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation, and the TM-Sidhi Refresher Course. For details of course fees, please refer to the relevant course.

Members of the neighbouring Maharishi Garden Village (MGV) Vastu Community are able to select a non-residential option.

Standard Single (£173 per night, inc VAT)
Superior Single (£203 per night, inc VAT)
Executive Single (£231 per night, inc VAT)
Superior Twin Shared (£145 per person, per night, inc VAT)
Executive Twin Shared (£173 per person, per night, inc VAT)
Executive Suite (£519 per night, max 2 ppl, inc VAT)
MGV Resident (£109 per day, inc VAT)


Bookings for all Retreats/Courses are via the Peace Palace website booking system only. Please follow the prompts within the Retreat/Course in which you are interested and you will be led to a blue button with the words BOOK NOW. This will take you to the page where you can choose your Room Type and number of Retreat/Course nights. Only when you have made those choices will you be asked to book and pay.

Please note that, before making a booking, you will need to open an account (if you have not already done so). If you already have an account, you may proceed immediately to book your Retreat/Course.

Your Retreat/Course Booking Confirmation will be sent to you automatically via email at the moment you place your booking. If you do not promptly see the Booking Confirmation in your email inbox, please check your spam and junk folders. The Booking Confirmation will definitely be somewhere in your system unless you have entered an incorrect email address when booking.

Bookings for one Retreat/Course are not transferable to another, although refunds can be arranged under suitable circumstances (please see General Terms and Conditions).

The Peace Palace is unable to accept bookings for additional night/s before or after a Retreat/Course.

Arrival & Departure

The Peace Palace will be open for Registration and Welcome between 3.00 – 4.30 pm on the day of arrival.

Departure will be after lunch on the last day of your Retreat/Course, unless otherwise specified. Lunch starts at 12.30pm.

Please do not arrange to leave earlier since the last morning's meeting is an integral part of the Retreat/Course and, amongst other things, may contain important post-Retreat/Course information and instructions.

For some Retreats/Courses there may be different Arrival and/or Departure Times so please take care to read the details on your Retreat/Course Confirmation carefully.

Travel Directions

TRAVEL BY CAR Please enter IP12 2GX in your SATNAV, Apple Maps, or Google Maps.

CAR PARKING Please use the designated car parking area directly behind the Peace Palace. Please be aware that the kerbs in the parking area are somewhat high.

There are two restricted spaces at the front of the Peace Palace that may be used for unloading or for picking-up only please.

TRAVEL BY TRAIN The Peace Palace is just over one and a half hours from London Liverpool Street Station. Please take the Norwich train and alight at Ipswich. At Ipswich, change onto the Lowestoft Line for Melton. To avoid a wait at Ipswich, be sure to book a train from London Liverpool Street that connects with the Lowestoft train to Melton. When booking your train through to Melton, please take care to specify Melton Suffolk since there is another Melton elsewhere in the country.

TAXI FROM MELTON TO RENDLESHAM Please ask the taxi driver to take you to the Peace Palace in Rendlesham. It is a short ride.

Please note that it is important to book a taxi in advance since taxis are not based in Melton itself but generally in nearby Woodbridge; they are, therefore, not always promptly available. Furthermore, your arrival times at Melton can sometimes coincide with the School Run, at which times taxi companies tend to be heavily booked.

We can recommend M&R Cars on 01394 386661 and CarsSmart on 01394 461 461, but there are also others.

Please be sure to have enough cash in Pounds Sterling for your taxi, although most will take credit cards. The Peace Palace is unable to pay taxi fares.

We apologise but the Peace Palace does not have the ability to collect Retreat/Course participants from Melton Station or arrange taxi bookings on your behalf.



The closest international airport to the Peace Palace is Stansted Airport. From Stansted, one can travel to the Peace Palace by:

  • Taxi (about £122). (Please see recommendations regarding taxi companies above.)
  • Coach to Ipswich (about £28); then taxi to Rendlesham (about £28)


One can also fly into either London Heathrow Airport or London Gatwick Airport.

In the case of Heathrow Airport, please take taxi, London Underground (the Tube), or train into London. If by train, please then take either taxi or the Tube to London Liverpool Street Train Station; and then follow guidance as above.

In the case of Gatwick Airport, please take either a taxi to London Liverpool Street Station or train to London Victoria. If by train to Victoria, then take either the Tube or a taxi to London Liverpool Street Station, and then follow guidance as above.

Practical Information


The Peace Palace will be open for Registration and Welcome between 3.00 – 4.30 pm on the day of arrival.


Departure will be after lunch on the last day of your Retreat/Course, unless otherwise announced. Lunch starts at 12.30pm.

Please do not arrange to leave earlier since the last morning's meeting is an integral part of the Retreat/Course and, amongst other things, will contain important post-Retreat/Course information and instructions.


  • Dress Code is relaxed/smart casual, with suitable comfortable clothes for some simple Yoga postures and for Meditation.
  • Please bring with you a pair of slippers or indoor shoes for use inside the Peace Palace.
  • Yoga mats will be provided by the Peace Palace.
  • Since the Peace Palace ethos is strictly vegetarian, we request that non-vegetarian items not be brought onto the premises.


Meals are organic vegetarian with varied set menus for lunch and dinner, and a self-service breakfast. Drinking water is provided as well different teas. Any reasonable special dietary requirements can usually be accommodated with sufficient notice.


There are facilities for the disabled, including access ramps and a lift.


Course Participants are kindly requested not to take photographs of the Peace Palace, inside or out.


We are pleased to announce that all Covid-specific restrictions related to the Peace Palace have been lifted. Nevertheless, anyone with a cough, sneezing, with symptoms of a cold or flu, or with Covid-19 symptoms, should not join a Retreat or Course.


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    “You will find the most kind, caring, and knowledgeable and experienced people who will help guide you in your TM journey.”

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    “A place to rest, meditate, grow and learn, not just about TM but also about health and life in general.”

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    “This is a place for anyone who wants to learn more about the world we live in, how to lead a better life, and how to find purpose in life.”

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    “Even a long weekend was a life-changing experience for me.”

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