Special Interest TM Retreats

Special Interest TM Retreats

Here is a link to the Special Interest TM Courses leaflet in the Maharishi Peace Palace

Mon 3 – Fri 7 September (4 days) Special Interest TM Retreat for Meditators: The Bhagavad Gita – unfolding the full value of yoga for a blissful and successful life’  Judith and Paul Kember


Fri 7 – Sun 9 or Mon 10 Sept (2 or 3 days) Special Interest TM Retreat: Maharishi speaks on the cognitions of the lady Seers in Unity Consciousness‘ Ladies TM Retreat Sheila Chalmers

Fri 26 October – Fri 2 November (1 week) Special Interest TM Retreat: ‘The great leap of natural law in one generation: Maharishi and the dawn of a golden age, and the fulfilment of all religious traditions’.

Dr Morris has been active with Maharishi’s programmes for more than 48 years since becoming a teacher of Transcendental Meditation in India in 1969. Dr Morris spent more time with Maharishi than almost anybody else.

Dr Bevin Morris

Fri 16 – Mon 19 November (3 days) plus one extra optional day on Tues 20 November to train as a Vastu Co-ordinator (4 days) Special Interest TM Retreat: ‘Maharishi Vastu’ (the ancient system of Vedic Architecture) plus opportunity to qualify as a Vastu Co-Ordinator.

As a Vastu Co-ordinator you will be able to promote Maharishi Vastu on behalf of the Institute of Vedic Architecture and be eligible to receive a fee for any successful referral.

John Renwick

Fri 23 – Tues 27 or Fri 30 November (4 days or 1 week) Special Interest TM Retreat: ‘Maharishi’s Total Knowledge and the Upanishads’ for long-term Meditators, Sidhas and TM Teachers.

“I love the balance of deep intellectual knowledge/understanding with the sweetness of stories about Maharishi…”  – LB

Dr Peter Warburton and Dr Vernon Katz


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