Special Interest TM Retreats

Longer and Special Interest TM Retreats


‘Total Knowledge and the Bhagavad Gita’
Friday 6 – Friday 13 December
(1 week)
with Raja Peter, Dr Tom Egenes
and Dr Vernon Katz
Don’t miss this FABULOUS course!

Booking details coming soon – please call with enquiries

Easter 2020

Brand new course from Dr Bevan Morris over Easter 2020

Vedic expressions used by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in his exposition of his Vedic Science and Technology; learning the expressions and how to pronounce them correctly (with the support of the Maharishi Vedic Pandits’ recordings), and understanding them in the context of Maharishi Vedic Science, through lectures by Maharishi using the different expressions

Thursday 9 – Tuesday 14 April (5 days)
with Dr Bevan Morris


Booking details coming soon – please call with enquiries


May 2020

Thursday 7 – Thursday 14 May 2020

(1 week)

Total Knowledge and the Great Thinkers and Leaders throughout the Ages


This course promises a feast of inspiration through connecting Maharishi’s knowledge with the insights of the greatest visionaries of all time.

Maharishi’s complete exposition of Total Knowledge, brought out by Raja Peter, encompasses a consciousness-based approach to the administration of all areas of society.

In this unique course, Dr. Ken Chandler shows how the teaching of the great thinkers, philosophers, spiritual leaders, and other luminaries throughout the ages not only reflect the same vision but bring fresh insight through unique and original expressions.


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