Special Interest TM Retreats

Longer and Special Interest TM Retreats 2019


Awakening the Fullness Within  Ladies only course

Friday 8 – Sunday 10 March 2019

with Diana Harding and Pamela Mead

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Maharishi’s original Science of Creative Intelligence course (1972), with special insight from Maharishi’s exposition of Total Knowledge in his final years

Sunday 10 to Sunday 17 March 2019
with Dr Peter Warburton (Raja Peter) who worked with Maharishi on the development of both courses

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Maharishi’s Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita,

Chapters 7 & 8 

Monday 8 – Wednesday 17 April 2019 (9 days)

with Dr Daniel Pal, PhD 

Easter TM Retreat
Thursday 18 – Thursday 25 April

with Patrice Gladwin

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Maharishi Introduces his Vedic Science to the world
– the Maastricht Assembly lectures (1991)

Friday 3 – Thursday 9 May 2019 (6 days)
with Dr Bevan Morris


Maharishi Aromatherapy – a practical introduction for everyone
Friday 10 – Friday 17 May (1 week)
 with Nadine Thomas


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