Sidhis 2019 – Course Details and Prices

TM-Sidhi Course 2019

We are delighted to announce that the the TM-Sidhi Course 2019 in the Maharishi Peace Palace will be taught by Greet Hesse (TM-Sidhi Administrator) assisted by Ric and Pat Law

Accelerate your personal journey towards Enlightenment

Transform your life with the TM-Sidhi Programme® and create more peace, harmony and positivity in world consciousness.

I find daily practice of the TM-Sidhi Programme the simplest way to develop my full inner potential in the most enjoyable way one could ever imagine!  With every passing year life becomes richer and increasingly effortless.” 

The Maharishi Peace Palace in Rendlesham is the perfect place for your TM-Sidhi Course. This beautiful and unique purpose-built facility provides very comfortable ensuite bedrooms, luxurious meeting rooms, and a spacious dining room. Many visitors comment on the profoundly restful and peaceful atmosphere – it is a place where you can really relax and experience deep meditations.

We look forward to warmly welcoming you here.

TM-Sidhi Course Requirements

• Regular practice of Transcendental Meditation for a minimum of four months.
• One weekend TM Retreat or longer course since March 2017.

• Recommendation from a TM Teacher.
• One of the following TM-Sidhi Orientation Weekends. You can also book one of the Orientation Weekends as your first weekend.

This is another ‘Fast-Track’ TM-Sidhi Course, so there is no requirement to take the four Advanced Techniques before the course – click here for more information and scroll down to the paragraph on Advanced Techniques.

TM-Sidhi Orientation Weekends

There are eight to choose from, starting:

  • Friday 4th January
  • Friday 25th January
  • Friday 1st February
  • Friday 8th February
  • Friday 15th February
  • Friday 22nd February
  • Friday 1st March


TM-Sidhi Course (Part One) – three long weekends

The course consists of three long weekends and two weeks in
residence (totalling 23 days):
Weekend 1: Thursday 21 – Sunday 24 March
Weekend 2: Thursday 25 – Sunday 28 April
Weekend 3: Thursday 23 – Sunday 26 May

Suggested arrival time is between 4 and 7pm and you can leave after lunch on Sundays.

Yogic Flying Course (Part 2) – two weeks

Friday 26 July – Friday 9 August

Fees including meals and accommodation

Orientation Weekend (2-day weekend TM Retreat)

Standard ensuite Peace Palace: £264

TM-Sidhi Course (23 days)

The fees for the TM-Sidhi Course can be paid in full in advance by credit/debit card, cheque or bank transfer or in 5 or 10 monthly instalments by standing order. Partial scholarships may be available for those on a low income.

Standard: £3,300, Couples: £5,180, Full-time students: £2,660, Concessions*: £2,916

*registered unemployed, state pension only, income less than £15,000 p.a.


  • Standard: £3,300, (£330 x 10 or £660 x 5)
  • Couples: £5,180, (£518 x 10 or £1,036 x 5)
  • Full-time Students: £2,660, (£266 x 10 or £532 x 5)
  • Concessions: £2,916, (£291.60 x 10 or £583.20 x 5)


For all queries and to book your Orientation Weekend or the TM-Sidhi Course

please contact Celine in the Maharishi Peace Palace Course Office
Tel: 01394 421136

For more information about the TM-Sidhi Programme: