Peace Palace overview

Peace Palace overview


Establishing the Maharishi Peace Palace at Maharishi Garden Village in Suffolk is a project of immense importance. It will be the home of Total Knowledge, the home of all Maharishi’s knowledge and courses for all to enjoy. It will be the most beautiful and suitable building for this purpose.

“The Maharishi Peace Palace will also be Britain’s largest Maharishi Sthapatya Veda™ building to date. Its impact will be significant for the whole nation. Maharishi has pointed out that, as we construct more Vastu buildings, more Fortune-Creating™ buildings, in the country, we are systematically rebuilding the destiny of the nation, aligning national life with the power of cosmic intelligence that governs the evolution and progress of everyone and everything.

“Located in the midst of the development of Fortune-Creating Homes at Maharishi Garden Village in Rendlesham, Suffolk, the Peace Palace will offer the perfect ambiance for every visitor and course participant to enjoy relief from the cares of life and the development of bliss consciousness, enlightenment, good health, and Invincibility.” ~ Dr Peter Warburton, Chief Executive, Maharishi Foundation UK.

Constructing a home for Pure Knowledge

The Peace Palace will be a Maharishi Education Centre. The design of the building includes meditation rooms, meeting and dining facilities, special teaching rooms, 30 beautifully decorated, comfortable ensuite bedrooms, an open gallery with large conference and display facilities, library, media room, reception and offices as well as a shop.

Progress so far and steps to completion

1. Purchase Peace Palace land:
Site acquired and services in place
2. Planning permission:
Detailed consent achieved
3. Outline design:
Outline design completed
4. Building costs:
Detailed estimates completed
5. Business plan:
Business plan completed
6. Finance and fundraising:
In progress – at advanced stage
7. Detailed architectural design
8. Construction
Construction completed
9. Fitting out
10. Opening
Opening 11 October 2016

Project costs and financial management

All donations are held in a Restricted Fund of Maharishi Foundation created for the sole purpose of receiving contributions to the Peace Palace. The fund is not used for any purpose other than supporting the Peace Palace.