Maharishi’s Global Family Chat 9th September 2016

Inauguration of Maharishi Peace Palace in the UK on Victory Day, 11 October 2016

Here is a description of the Global Family Chat. You can also watch it live by clicking on the archive link below and selecting “Building a Peace Palace in England”, broadcast on the 9th September.


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Maharishi’s Global Family Chat
9 September 2016



Inauguration of Maharishi Peace Palace, UK


Raja Peter and members of the Maharishi Peace Palace team in UK
present update on plans to inaugurate on 11 October, Victory Day
whole event to be broadcast on Maharishi Channel,
10.45 am – 6.30 pm CET (MERU time), 11 October,
including international Victory Day celebration starting at 1.55 pm


Peace Palace


Raja Peter reported that Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam will open the first Peace Palace in the UK on 11 October 2016, which is Victory Day in the Vedic calendar. The Peace Palace is located in Suffolk just 75 minutes’ drive from London Stansted Airport.




Raja Peter showed recent photographs of the Peace Palace, including the external walls being rendered white and Vedic decoration being added. The interior pictures of the Peace Palace showed the impressive central Brahmasthan Hall and a view of the large cupola on the top of the building.


PP outside


Inside 2




Raja Peter also showed an artist’s impression (above) of the completed Peace Palace, and a full fly-through animation of the building, which is now almost a living reality (see link below). Raja Peter thanked the artist David Williams, who has inspired everybody with his exquisite impressions of the Peace Palace that was designed by Maharishi.


Keith Parker


Raja Peter then introduced Keith Parker, a retired banker and TM Sidha, who has assisted the development of financial schemes to fund the Peace Palace, as well as skillfully managing multiple aspects of the project. Raja Peter explained that only when the team decided to pursue all funding possibilities at once did the Peace Palace project really take off.


Financing the construction of the Peace Palace
Keith showed slides of how the funds were raised and the progress that has been made so far for fitting out of the Peace Palace. Just under half of the £5.5 million required for construction has been received through donations, loans and legacies from over 200 Meditators.


In addition, selling rooms in the Peace Palace has been very successful and thirteen rooms have been purchased already. Typically, a room costs £50,000. The purchaser uses the room for 30 days a year and enjoys an income from its use by the Peace Palace for the remainder of the year. There are still a few rooms available for purchase.


Adjacent bldgs


Adjacent to the Peace Palace, three further buildings have been completed, one of which is the Maharishi AyurVeda Health Centre. This project raised an additional £480,000 towards Peace Palace construction. The balance needed for construction has been obtained through bank loans.


Furnishing the Peace Palace


An additional £340,000 is required to furnish the Peace Palace, of which £250,000 has already been raised. It is hoped to raise the balance prior to opening on 11 October.


Keith also announced a new investment scheme – ‘Peace Palace Partners’ – designed to reduce bank borrowing and support the ongoing running costs of the Peace Palace. This scheme provides an opportunity for Meditators to invest in the Peace Palace and share in its success, earning from 2% to 10% on their investment (see link below).


Raja Peter and Keith expressed their sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed, making Maharishi’s wish for Peace Palaces everywhere in the world begin to become a reality in Great Britain.


Peace Palace Courses


Annie Renwick


Annie Renwick, who will be the Course Office Manager in the Peace Palace, presented a splendid course calendar for the 12 months following the opening of the Peace Palace (link below). Annie welcomed participants from every country to the Peace Palace.


Annie said, “The first major course in the Peace Palace will be offered by Raja Peter on the theme of ‘Total Knowledge and the Brahma Sutras’. Raja Peter will be joined by special guest Dr Vernon Katz and together they will present Maharishi’s earliest and latest expressions of supreme knowledge.”


Raja Peter concluded the Chat by thanking the pioneers of the first Peace Palace in Erfurt, Germany, Dr Eckart and Lila-Maria Stein, for their encouragement and inspiration, and offered support to all National Directors and Governors who may wish to re-use the financial schemes that have been so successful for the UK Peace Palace. Keith Parker will be very happy to answer any questions in this regard.


Keith Parker telephone: + 44 1394 461086
Peace Palace Fly-through:
Peace Palace website (including course calendar and booking):
Telephone: + 44 1394 421 136
Peace Palace Facebook:
Peace Palace Partners:


Jai Guru Dev


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