Maharishi quotes

Maharishi speaks about Peace Palaces

“With proper homes for Total Knowledge, everyone will begin to enjoy life in bliss, and our dear world family will be free for all times from problems, sickness, and suffering.”
~ Maharishi speaking at a Global Press Conference, 24th August 2005

“We choose to fondly call them Peace Palaces – a place where peace will reside in its fully awakened state, in order that no one any more lives in any kind of problem or suffering.”
~ Maharishi on 12th January 2004 inaugurating the Year of Peace Palaces

“Create homes of peace. Participate in your own city. Participate in building Peace Palaces. …Any one of you can create these Peace Palaces where you can bring good health, bring higher states of consciousness, to the people. Don’t think that ‘Nobody asked me.’ ”
~ Maharishi speaking to Maharishi European Sidhaland, 29th August 2004

“Every wave of inspiration of these inaugurations of these Peace Palaces, and the exhortations of great blissful sentiments from the leaders of the Movement throughout the world, reassures us that the voice of today, the voice of this generation, reassures the forthcoming future generations that the world is going to be in the light of what is expected to be – in the light of God, perfection.”
~ Maharishi speaking on Akshaya Tritiya Day 2003

“The Peace Palaces will provide total knowledge to raise the whole population to enlightenment. They will radiate peace throughout the world in the same way as a lighted lamp radiates light and eliminates darkness.”
~ Maharishi speaking at the Global News Conference on 22nd September 2004

“Our personal experiences would have been many, many times sharper and much more effective, and our environment would have been very much more coherent if we had been in Vastu buildings.”
~ Maharishi speaking to Maharishi European Sidhaland, 29th August 2004

“A Peace Palace is a common property; it is a property for everyone who wants to live life in peace, in happiness, and in freedom from problems, sickness and suffering. Everyone wishes for that – every family wishes their children to enjoy that.

“Get the land, and we’ll build Peace Palaces together. But do it quickly….All glory to Guru Dev.”
~ Maharishi speaking to the World Peace Parliament on 8th July 2004

“We cannot describe what is indescribable – and what is indescribable is the benefit of Vastu structured buildings – Sthapatya Veda™ buildings.”
~ Maharishi speaking on 17th May 2007