Maharishi Peace Palace team visit Efurt Peace Palace in Germany

The Maharishi Peace Palace team visited Germany in March to see the newly constructed Erfurt Peace Palace. During the visit, Eckart and Lila-Maria Stein and their devoted team shared detailed information on their cost-cutting ideas, construction practices and methods of fundraising.
Many helpful insights were gained from the conference, and the team returned fully inspired and confident to complete the Maharishi Peace Palace in Suffolk.

After visiting the Maharishi Peace Palace in Erfurt, Diana Leighton commented:

“When I sat to meditate in the beautiful programme room, I experienced profound silence. I suddenly realized that building a Peace Palace not only creates a home for Maharishi’s precious knowledge, it provides a very special place where we can personally experience the blessings of Maharishi’s knowledge most fully.”

“With proper homes for Total Knowledge, everyone will begin to enjoy life in bliss, and our dear world family will be free for all times from problems, sickness,and suffering. So build the Peace Palaces quickly, don’t delay.” ~ Maharishi