Maharishi Peace Palace in Rendlesham opens its doors




Sunday 16 October 2.30 – 4.30pm

An exciting new event open to the community in Rendlesham and Suffolk is to take place within a week of the official inauguration of the Maharishi Peace Palace on 11 October.

On Sunday 16 October, from 2.30 – 4.30pm, there will be an Open Day that is free of charge with the opportunity for Q&A’s with Bernard and Jane Bence, Peace Palace Directors, and John Renwick, who has worked on the design and build of this beautiful iconic building.


The new Peace Palace will be throwing open its doors for people to come and look round. First of all, they will get a sense of the refinement and beauty of the design and decor. Secondly, they will gain some understanding of the architectural principles involved and how these help to fulfil its purpose as a facility to offer programmes and courses for health and well-being; and thirdly, some idea of the specific programmes on offer.

Annie Renwick

Course Office Manager Annie Renwick, who has organized the Open Day, says:

We have already had over 70 local residents book into this event online, so it looks as though it will be a very lively afternoon. We look forward to satisfying everyone’s curiosity about what will be going on in the Peace Palace and put ourselves on the map locally.’

 Book your place on this Free Open Day: