My name is Val Murray, I was born and raised in Dublin/Ireland and moved as a young girl and made my home in Jersey Channel Islands in the eighties. I am a Soft Furnishing and Interior Designer (IDI) and started my own business and ran it successfully for 20 years. It gave me such a wealth of experience dealing with the public which also prompted me to take a Social Psychology Diploma Course.

In my early thirties, I learned Transcendental Meditation for anxiety and stress and very soon it transformed my life, my working life enhancing my experiences and strength as a woman in the business world, also my home life in raising my family. I learned to look at life differently, still do and still learning. The natural progression for me 10 years ago was to become a TM teacher (MVI) and help to pass on this profound Knowledge for our overall health.

My inspiration always being Maharishi. I opened the first TM Centre in Jersey 9 years ago and it has been successful and a joy to run, teaching many hundreds of people in our community in Jersey and Guernsey with my ongoing focus to teach as many people as possible to grow coherence on our beautiful Island. We have group meditations, day courses, Maharishi Ayurveda courses, and my favourite: weekend courses, I have organized and ran many now, they are so valuable for Knowledge, Rest and Rejuvenation with deeper experiences of self.