Keith Parker

Keith Parker

MEC PHOTOS5As a retired senior banker of 38 years’ experience, including four years as lending manager at the Charities Aid Foundation Bank, Keith is CEO of Fundraising for the Executive Board.

Keith has moved to a Vastu home at Maharishi Garden Village, and with Dr Peter Warburton, Chairman of the Trustees of Maharishi Foundation, is overseeing the fundraising campaign in order to bring the Peace Palace project to a successful conclusion. He has undertaken the role of Fundraising and Finance Director for the Peace Palace fundraising team for the last five years.

Keith has worked closely with John Darby on the preparation and execution of all budgets presented to the members of the PPEB and the Trustees of Maharishi Foundation. His special contribution is to ensure that all financial aspects of the project are managed to a very high standard.

Keith is also the Finance Director for Maharishi International Graduate School.

Keith is a TM- Sidha.

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