Maharishi Vastu

The Maharishi Peace Palace is a superb example of Maharishi Vastu®, the ancient system of Vedic architecture and town planning in accord with Natural Law, which is known more fully as Maharishi Sthapatya Veda


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I DID enjoy my short stay, and the Peace Palace is not only beautiful, but this morning I got a taste of the deeply healing, nourishing power of the Vastu. My physiology felt very soothed and as if “infused’ with ojas during morning programme and rest. Lovely!’ Dr Nancy Lonsdorf MD




Maharishi Vastu presented in the House of Commons

John Renwick, who was involved with the design and construction of the Peace Palace, addressed the All Party Parliamentary Group for Traditional Indian Sciences on the ancient system of architecture used in the Peace Palace design. John is the UK Director of the Institute of Vedic Architecture and City Planning.

Click here to read the main points of John’s talk in the Parliamentary meeting

Maharishi Vastu conference October 2018

International conferences are held from time to time in the Peace Palace – which include presentations from around the world on Vastu projects and hands-on design charettes (workshops).

Talks and tours of Maharishi Peace Palace and Maharishi Garden Village

We regularly offer talks and tours of this iconic building and the surrounding development highlighting Maharishi Vastu. We also offer courses at least once a year to update those interested on the most recent developments worldwide.

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