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Part 2 of Maharishi’s Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness

with Dr Peter Warburton. 

Friday, 22 May – 16 June
Booking now closed – once this live course concludes it will be available as an archived course
The live online interactive course consists of twelve live 75-minute interactive sessions on Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday evenings at 8.00 – 9.15pm UK TIME (GMT+1). Catch-up and review options will also be available, as with all our online courses.
Please note that this new course, Part 2 of Total Knowledge, is designed to be suitable for all Meditators, Sidhas, and Governors, whether or not they have taken a previous Total Knowledge course. Of course, if you would like to view the archives of Part 1 in advance, that would enhance your enjoyment of Part 2 (see link in announcement above).
COURSE FEE: Unique concessionary course fee at this special time: £95
COURSE FEE: Unique concessionary course fee at this special time: £95
Payment only by Debit/Credit card using the online booking link below




TASTER: Click here for the 75 minute recording of the beautiful first lesson given on Friday 22 May 2020



All sessions will be available on catch-up for the forseeable future


“This course has been such a tonic in these uncertain times. Raja Peter is a wonderful teacher, and his clear descriptions of the higher states of consciousness, coupled with his fascinating, personal stories of working alongside Maharishi, have been both comforting, and exhilarating. During the last few weeks I have experienced subtle changes in my physiology which I attribute to the course. Thank you so much to all for such a beautiful experience and awakening.” ­
– Julie Eagleton


“I loved being immersed in the knowledge … using Zoom felt very intimate, as if Raja Peter was speaking both one-to-one and collectively. I loved that it was so interactive and that we could ask questions. … I loved Raja Peter’s clear, calm explanations and his wonderful stories. … closing it with Maharishi speaking very near to the end of his life was very moving. … I feel my program has deepened as a consequence, which is beautiful.”
­ – Jill Greenacre


“Just wanted to thank you personally for your Total Knowledge course. I’ve been really enjoying finding the additional vocabulary to express what I feel. I love the ease and skill in how you deliver Maharishi’s message. I greatly look forward to going deeper into the knowledge. Many, many thanks.”

– Manny Brierley



“Loved the course. It has opened up a new world where I feel far more settled and in tune with my own body and environment. I realise it is only early days but I can genuinely feel the benefits of the regular meditation. The Total Knowledge Course has enhanced my experience and opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I am very keen to explore further and will definitely be signing up for the next course.”

– Jeanie Butler



Part 1 Maharishi’s Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness (Archived course)

with Dr Peter Warburton

for all Meditators, Sidhas and TM Teachers

TASTER: Click here for the recording of the Taster session with a comprehensive outline of the course (beautiful one-hour talk)

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Milestones in the development of Higher States of Consciousnes

(Archived course)

with Dr Bevan Morris

Nine 90-minute sessions

For Sidhas, TM Teachers and experienced Meditators

Smriti: Pramānam Paramam Shrutih Supreme Authenticity Belongs to Vedic Expression

During the course, we will learn the expressions and how to pronounce them correctly from the recording of the Maharishi Vedic Pandits.

In this way, we will cover 200 beautiful, enlightening expressions of Veda and Vedic Literature, and understand them in the context of Maharishi Vedic Science, through lectures by Maharishi using the different expressions.

For example:
Vashishta’s Cognition: ‘Dūre Drisham Grihaptim Atharyum’
Far, Far Away, The Indweller Of The House,
The Self Is Seen Reverberating
TASTER: Click here for the 90 minute recording of the beautiful first lesson given on Friday 24 April 2020
Original Full Live online Course announcement click here

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“I enjoyed every second of this course and every bit of knowledge that Dr. Morris shared. I cannot express my gratitude enough for Dr. Morris having created this course and for having shared it. The Vedic Expressions in Sanskrit by the Vedic pandits, then explained in utmost clarity through Dr. Morris’s clear and sweet voice, hearing Maharishi explain some of the expressions and points, hearing and then learning –along with Maharishi — how to correctly say the Sanskrit version of “Let us be Together ” in its entirety, all the personal stories of Dr. Morris relating to the Vedic Expressions and how Maharishi had explained them in certain contexts, and the sweet Maharishi School girls singing the VEDA LILA, then hearing Purusha’s version… and so much more made this course the most fulfilling, blissful, enjoyable course I have ever taken. Again, I am so very grateful. Jai Guru Dev” Adile Esen



coming soon…

Total Knowledge and the Great Thinkers and Leaders throughout the Ages

with Dr Peter Warburton (Raja Peter) and Dr Kenneth Chandler, (Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Maharishi University of Management, USA)

Course dates to be announced

This course promises a feast of inspiration through connecting Maharishi’s knowledge with the insights of the greatest visionaries of all time.

Maharishi’s complete exposition of Total Knowledge, brought out by Raja Peter, encompasses a consciousness-based approach to the administration of all areas of society.

In this unique course, Dr Ken Chandler shows how the teaching of the great thinkers, philosophers, spiritual leaders, and other luminaries throughout the ages not only reflect the same vision but bring fresh insight through unique and original expressions.



another archive course coming soon…

Maharishi’s Total Knowledge and the Upanishads

with Dr Vernon Katz, Dr Peter Warburton and Dr Tom Egenes

(Archived course)

Dr Warburton’s presentation of the complete framework of Maharishi’s Total Knowledge lays the ground for Dr Vernon Katz and Dr Tom Egenes to unfold fascinating insights into the wisdom of the Upanishads.

Total Knowledge is the full knowledge of Brahm – full knowledge of Absolute and relative, consciousness and matter, and the connection between the two – as brought to light by Maharishi.

“The Upanishads are so inspiring. It is obvious when you study the Upanishads that it is supreme wisdom, taking the form of conversations and stories that reveal the true nature of Brahm, Totality.” – Dr Katz