IEA at the Peace Palace

Invincible Europe Assembly (IEA)


Next Course: Friday 31 July to Friday 14 August 2020 (Two Weeks)

Quote from our most recent course co-ordinator at New Year:

“I love the Peace Palace, as this is the only place I find has real, true and lasting peace. It is full of everything I love: Maharishi’s grace, pure knowledge and pure consciousness. It is a lighthouse of Vedic life and living for the world. As soon as I enter the gate I feel protected from stress and negativity, and it is relief that I am set entirely free to direct my energy and my time to the real purpose of life: Unfolding full creative intelligence and accelerating higher states of consciousness.” Dr Charlote Bech


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A powerful course for individual enlightenment and national invincibility. Maharishi first offered this wonderful course in 2006, in response to the pressing need of the time for more coherence and positivity in world consciousness. The course routine generates maximum bliss and enlightenment, and promotes national, continental and global peace and invincibility. Maharishi said that the experiences of higher states of consciousness on the course were the fulfilment of his 50 years of teaching TM.

Course Participants LOVE taking this course in the sublime atmosphere and comfort of the Maharishi Peace Palace. (Photo from January 2020)

“…All my tiredness left me, then my meditations became clearer and clearer and I started to have meditations which no words can describe. The best I can do is to say they became soft, flowing, velvety, liquid, delicious, totally satisfying, with these qualities flowing through every fibre of my being…. Do everything you can to get on an IEA.” – HK



Dr Charlotte Bech on the benefits of the IEA and why it’s extra special in the Maharishi Peace Palace


Course Participants’ experiences on the IEA

Last course: Monday 30 December – Monday 13 January 2020 (2 weeks)
Course co-ordinator: Dr Charlotte Bech

Monday 30 December – Monday 13 January 2020 (2 weeks)
Course co-ordinator: Dr Charlotte Bech
INCLUDES 7 days of silence from New Year’s Eve

The special feature of this particular IEA was that everyone had the option to enjoy up to 7 days of silence from 31 December.

Quote from one participant on his experience during this silent part of the course:

Déaglen Duibhir, Ireland (Co-ordinator of the project in Oaxaca, Mexico where over 70 schools are participating in the ‘Consciousness Based Education’ project funded by the David Lynch Foundation. Declan has been associated with the project for the past 8 years)


‘The phrase ‘Silence is Golden’ has never been more true in describing this course. Being in Silence allows one to be just that, the silent witness to all going on around oneself.
It is both very subtle and powerful at once. The subtleties lie in one’s ability of perception, how it becomes more intimate and refined both in and out of programme. Absolute stillness in meditation only interrupted by the dynamic silence of Yogic Flying, full of bliss and light. Rings of light collapsing to a point and then vanishing, instantly reappear as a circle of light again, and then again collapse.
This celestial glow continues outside programme particularly vivid in nature. Everything was glowing, and to be in silence allowed me to enjoy this beautiful sight to its maximum value.’
Silence was literally ‘golden’. It was so powerful in one’s one-pointed focused attention to the programme. You really felt you were in programme 24/7, non-stop. Wake up in silence, eating in silence, programme in silence, walking in silence and sleep in silence. And all this while in the perfect Vastu of the Maharishi Peace Palace. Such a precious time, no better way to start the year!!! And to top it off, with such a wonderful course co-ordinator as Dr Charlotte Bech. Jai Guru Dev.’

This is the ultimate course for Sidhas with much of the day spent diving into lively silence through a greatly extended TM-Sidhi programme. Participants talk of the immense clarity and expanded consciousness that is carried out into activity after the course – and many return again and again.

Unique recordings of Maharishi speaking to the Invincible America Assembly and interactive sessions with Raja Peter complement the profound experiences reported by course participants.


COST: 2 Week block standard single ensuite:£985; shared p/p £850; Executive single ensuite £1,265; shared p/p £1130