Enrich your life

Enrich your life
Take the royal road to enlightenment

Enjoy a deeply restful and enlightening course during the first year of the Maharishi Peace Palace in Suffolk. Come and make history!

Situated in Maharishi Garden Village in Rendlesham, the Peace Palace provides a permanent home for Maharishi’s knowledge and a perfect venue for courses, fulfilling our vision for the ideal course environment.

One of the meeting rooms

The purpose-built facility provides twenty-seven ensuite bedrooms and includes four luxurious meeting rooms, a spacious group meditation hall, dining room, shop and library. On arriving, you will walk into the central Brahmasthan Hall and look up past the two surrounding galleries to the cupola on the roof, which floods the space with light.

This beautiful building is designed according to Vastu®, the ancient principle of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda™ – Vedic Architecture. It provides the perfect ambiance for every visitor and course participant to enjoy the development of bliss consciousness, enlightenment and invincibility – a home of Pure Knowledge that will last for generations to come, honouring Maharishi and his knowledge.

Everyone can participate in a variety of courses, offering deep, revitalizing rest through extended practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and profound knowledge of higher states of human development.

Our full calendar includes TM Retreats, Special Interest Courses, Maharishi’s Total Knowledge Courses – from two days to two weeks in length – plus Day Courses, special events and regular Knowledge Meetings.

Rendlesham forest Rodney

Rendlesham forest

Come on a Peace Palace Short Break (Supper plus B&B), for a taste of this superb Maharishi Vastu environment with the opportunity to explore the surrounding area of outstanding natural beauty. You can join the daily group practice of Transcendental Meditation for Meditators or the TM-Sidhi Programme® for Sidhas.

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Everything is taken care of for you – under one roof!