Dr Jacqueline Carr-Phillips


Dr Jacqueline Carr-Phillips


MEC PHOTOS3Jacqueline is CEO and Dean of Faculty for Maharishi International Graduate School (MIGS), which is legally incorporated in the UK. MIGS will be an important source of courses in the Peace Palace attracting students of all ages. This will have significant potential for future expansion. More information about MIGS will be available in the Autumn.

In addition, Jacqueline is completing the professional development programme at the Institute of Directors leading to the Chartered Director qualification. This programme includes emphasis on governance, strategic planning, effective leadership, business presentations, negotiation and human resources.

Jacqueline has many years experience directing and running her own business and more recently running a partnership. She gained extensive experience in communication and leadership as Educational Vice President at Toastmasters International and has presented numerous seminars and courses to academia, government, business leaders and health professionals.

Jacqueline is also a TM Governor.

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