Course calendar

Course calendar

To view the course calendar for 2017 / 2018, please click below, to download it please right click on Course Calendar and download the pdf. Our new course calendar will be with you by mid-May. In the meantime all the new courses are listed in the drop-down menu below and can be booked.

UPDATES to Course Calendar since publication

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have cancelled or postponed several courses in June and July. We are sorry for any dissapointment but we have some great courses coming up over the next 6 months for you to choose from instead.

  1. Maharishi Total Knowledge & Vedic Astrology with Raja Peter is cancelled (June)
  2. Total Knowledge & Maharishi’s Global Impact with Raja Peter is cancelled (June)
  3. TM Retreat with Carla and James is cancelled (22 – 24/25 June)
  4. Coherence Day Course on Sunday 24 June is cancelled
  5. Advanced Techniques are cancelled (June)
  6. TM-Sidhi Refresher course starting Friday 20 July has been postponed – we will contact everyone booked to keep you updated
  7. Please note change of dates for availability of MVVT

We look forward to welcoming you the Maharishi Peace Palace for courses and Events

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