Conferences and Events

Conferences and Events





1 – 4 OCTOBER 2018

For developers of small, medium and large residential

or commercial projects

Design your own project with Maharishi Vastu® architects


Invitation to Developers, Builders, Planners and Architects from around the world to explore the use of Maharishi Vastu architecture in a modern context:

  • Explore the ancient system of Vedic architecture
  • Investigate successful projects that have used this system 
  • See how the principles can be applied to small, medium or large development projects through hands-on charettes (workshops). All delegates are invited to bring their own projects to discuss
  • Share the results of research which support the personal experience of those who have chosen Vastu for living – better health, increased happiness, success and fulfilment for those fortunate to work or live in the buildings or community developments designed and constructed to these principles
  • Discuss ways in which Maharishi Vastu architecture can help solve the current housing crisis in the UK by addressing the quality of the buildings constructed – not just the quantity


The conference will be held in the Maharishi Peace Palace, itself a premier example of the use of ancient Vedic architecture in a modern setting. The building is part of Maharishi Garden Village, a recent Vastu development that includes over 60 occupied dwellings and its own Maharishi AyurVeda Health Centre. This inspirational community project provides a template for ideal future living.

Here’s a video in which Vastu Consultant, John Renwick, gives a brief definition of Vastu, and explains why Maharishi introduced it to the West. He uses the Maharishi Peace Palace to illustrate some of the main principles of Vastu:


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JOHN RENWICK B.Tech C.Eng MICE; UK Director of the Institute of Vedic Architecture and City Planning.
Graduated in civil and structural engineering from Bradford University in 1972; completed postgraduate training in Vastu Architecture at Maharishi Vedic University in the Netherlands in 1999; designed over 70 Vastu dwellings in UK and Ireland; led community building projects in the UK that have used this system, including ‘The Ideal Village’ in Lancashire, which won the prestigious BURA Award in 2000 for best practice in urban regeneration; leading member of the team that created the Vastu community development ‘Maharishi Garden Village’ including the Maharishi Peace Palace® at Rendlesham – the venue for this course.



Jeffrey AbramsonDr. JEFFREY ABRAMSON, a partner in The Tower Companies, an award-winning, family-owned real estate development headquartered in Rockville, MD, and recognised green building leader. Jeffrey’s company developed the first 200,000 sq. ft, Maharishi Vastu, LEED Platinum office building in the world.

Click on the photo to hear Jeffrey speaking about the conference



Richard BialoskyrRICHARD BIALOSKY, AIA, along with David Ederer, is the developer of Mandala Village, a 175 Home Mixed-Use planned Maharishi Vastu community underway in Vero Beach, Florida. Mr. Bialosky has been practising architecture and actively engaged in real estate development for over 40 years — combining the age-old principles of Vedic architecture; non-toxic, health-promoting construction protocols; environmental sensitivity; energy efficiency; and an emphasis on planning techniques that promote a sense of community.



Barry B. ScherrBARRY B. SCHERR, commercial real estate investor; Co-Founder of the Sundar Corporation and Enlightened Real Estate Development; and author of the recent book Enlightened Real Estate.





Eike Hartmann
DR. EIKE HARTMANN, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Vedic Architecture and City Planning; published the book, Vastu Homes and Cities in Harmony with Natural Law; CEO of the Fortune Creating Homes company in the Netherlands and collaborates on projects worldwide.




Wojtek Skalski

WOJTEK SKALSKI, Vastu architect, Finland. Graduated in 1975 from Helsinki Technical University; postgraduate studies at Maharishi Vedic University in Netherlands in 1999-2000; working for 20 years on designing and consulting Vastu buildings and communities in Europe and Asia.





Aberto CastanoALBERTO CASTANO, Maharishi Vastu Architect, Germany. Graduated from Hamburg School of Architecture and Engineering 1978; postgraduate studies at Maharishi Vedic University in Netherlands in 1999; designed numerous Maharishi Vastu projects for Central and Southern Europe and for Latin America.




Christian SchweizerCHRISTIAN SCHWEIZER, architect and city planner, Germany. Studied City planning at the University of Stuttgart with postgraduate studies at Maharishi Vedic University in Netherlands in 1999. Inventor of the MERU Master Builder System for cost-effective prefabricated wall-elements with rich Vedic Ornamentation -implemented in Germany, Netherlands and Malaysia. Build and consulted over 100 Vastu Homes and Villas in Europe and Africa.



Conference Schedule:

Monday 1 October

4.00pm onwards: Arrival, Registration and Refreshments

7.00pm Supper

8.00 pm Welcome meeting

Tuesday 2 October

9:30 – 10.00am Networking and light breakfast

10.00 – 10:30am Welcome and Introduction (John Renwick)

10:30 – 11:30am ‘Introduction to Vastu’ (Dr Eike Hartmann)

11.30 – 11.45am Refreshments

11:45 – 1:00pm ‘Live. Work, Play. Evolve.” (Barry Scherr)

1:00- 1:45pm Lunch

1:45 – 2:45pm Walking Tour of Vastu houses in Rendlesham

2:45 – 4.00pm ‘Vastu Projects in USA’ (Jeffrey S. Abramson; Richard Bialosky)

4:00 – 4.15pm Refreshments

4.15 – 5.00pm ‘Vastu Projects around the World’ (Christian Schweizer /Wojtek Slaski)

5.00 – 7.00pm Networking/Refreshments/Free Time

7.00 – 8.15pm Dinner

8.15 – 9.30pm Introduction to Charettes (Workshops)

Wednesday 3 October

9:30 – 10.00am Networking and light breakfast

10:00 – 11:30am Design Charettes (Workshops)

11:30 – 11:45am Refreshments

11:45 – 1:00pm Design Charettes (Workshops)

1:00 – 2:00pm Lunch

2:00 – 3:00pm Design Charettes (Workshops)

3:00 – 3:15pm Refreshments

3:15 – 5.00pm Presentations of Charettes (Delegates)

5.00 – 7.00pm Networking/Refreshments/Free Time

7.00 – 8.15pm Dinner

8.15 – 9.30pm Presentations of Charettes (Delegates)

Thursday 4 October

9:30 – 10.00am Networking and light breakfast

10:00 – 11:30am ‘Peace Palaces’ (Dr Eike Hartmann; Dr Peter Warburton)

11:30 – 11:45am Refreshments

11.45 – 1:00pm ‘Vastu Projects in UK’ (John Renwick; Anthony Hardy)

1:00 – 2:00pm Lunch

2.00pm Depart (Option to stay one more night for supper B&B and networking)

2.30pm Optional ’round table’ discussion with associated professionals

Charettes (Workshops)

Developers bring site plans of proposed private/community development projects of any size to be used as case studies in the interactive workshops mentored by Vastu Architects




Maharishi Garden Village including the Maharishi Peace Palace, Maharishi AyurVeda Health Centre and 60 Vastu dwellings plus expansion land to northeast with planning permission pending for 75 additional dwellings




Tour of  Maharishi Garden Village









Our 30 en-suite bedrooms are designed to allow you to gain deep rest and relaxation.

“I was amazed by the Peace Palace … the feeling of space was brilliant … the whole effect was one of under-stated elegance. The food was beautifully served and the staff were so helpful.” – Susan Gianni

Beautifully appointed ensuite bedrooms with the finest sheets, cashmere duvets, pure cotton towels and eco-toiletries to help make your stay as relaxing as possible.





Ingredients of the highest quality are used in our delicious organic vegetarian meals

Dedicated, happy Peace Palace staff who take care of all the little details that make a perfect, memorable experience











Comfortable meeting rooms
















Powerful, blissful and peaceful atmosphere








The ‘Maharishi Vastu’ effect – the special ambience created by this most ancient system of Vedic architecture translated into a modern-day reality





photo by Richard Kevern


£699 all-inclusive – with option to extend for one extra day networking £90 all-inclusive – see booking link below

A daily rate is available for those unable to make all four days – (we recommend the first day) – £195 plus accommodation as required – please book directly with the venue by phone or email


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