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Peace Palace Team

About Us

Dr Peter Warburton Chief Executive Maharishi Foundation UK

Maharishi Foundation Trustees

Dr Jemima Pitman · Graham Orr · David Rae · Gwyndaf Evans
David Hughes · Dr Prakash Shrivastava

The Peace Palace Executive Board

Board members include: Dr. Peter Warburton; Dr Jacqueline Carr-Phillips; Keith Parker; John Darby; Andreas Thrasyvoulou; Carla Berkers; James Scott. 

Dr Peter Warburton

Dr Jacqueline Carr-Phillips

Keith Parker

John Darby

Andreas Thrasyvoulou

Carla Berkers

James Scott

The Peace Palace team who will welcome you and take care of you during your stay

Margaret Kerwin

Margaret Kerwin ~ Reception/Course Office Assistant

Graham Scriven ~ General Manager Operations

Annie Renwick ~ General Manager Courses and Events

Celine Lambert ~ Course Office Manager

Diana Leighton ~ Security Officer