Successful London Fundraising Dinner

4 October, 2013 marked a pivotal point in the Maharishi Peace Palace Suffolk Fundraising. A wonderfully successful Celebration Dinner was held at the historical and majestic Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall, London, in order to inspire further funding to start the construction of the Maharishi Peace Palace.

The energy of the room was positive and enthusiastic throughout the evening with the highlight being an uplifting opening address by Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam. The following is an extract from the memorable talk he gave on the night.

 “What we are celebrating today is a big Vastu building and it is called a Peace Palace. It has a beautiful name. It is a great desire in my heart to see that this community can have this building, and be able to give it to the world as a shining light of peace, and happiness, of knowledge and of goodwill for all humanity.”


Raja Peter’s uplifting talk on the role of Peace Palaces motivated and moved everyone. He reminded the audience of the important role we all can play to help make Maharishi’s vision of all individuals living in accord with Natural Law manifest into a reality:

 “What makes a Peace Palace different from other Vastu buildings? This is something very significant. The Peace Palace is Maharishi’s building, his home. The Peace Palace is Maharishi’s building, specifically designed so we easily gain the experience of Maharishi consciousness – full enlightenment.”

Dr Jacqueline Carr-Phillips: Director & Dean of Faculty for Maharishi International Graduate School, said that they are in the process of setting up a legal entity for the Maharishi University project for the UK in the name of Maharishi International Graduate School – or MIGS for short.

 “This won’t be limited to just post-graduate courses”, she said, “as we are already offering a wide range of short courses which will continue in parallel to the degree programmes once the Peace Palace is completed…our long term goal is to achieve full university status. It’s a wonderful vision! A creative and dynamic community emanating from the university in the Peace Palace with students of all ages enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of Maharishi Garden Campus.”

The final words of her talk really hit home with everyone:

“There is one thing we need to make this a reality. We need a Peace Palace!”

Architect, highly successful business entrepreneur and founder of myhotel group, Andreas Thrasyvoulou, explained how this vision for the Peace Palace will become a reality. This was illustrated by an engaging and colourful slideshow and a CGI ‘flythrough’ of the Peace Palace by David Williams. This beautiful CGI gave the opportunity for everyone to experience ‘stepping inside’ the building. It showed the essence of what a Peace Palace should be, what Maharishi wanted it to be.

Andreas stated that in parallel to the MIGS courses, and along with the existing TM rounding weekends, there is a dynamic course development team working on a calendar to offer the best and most interesting courses available from Maharishi’s organisation worldwide.  He also emphasized the ample meeting space to accommodate courses taking place simultaneously (up to 5 meeting rooms).

Andreas then updated the guests on the progress of the project,

“We are two thirds into the project, not only financially but in all the complex processes of delivering a project of this nature.”

Peace Palace Finance and Fundraising Director, Keith Parker, encouraged everyone to participate in building the Palace and give support to this unique opportunity for the nation either by investing in a corner suite or select room, or by donating.

Keith announced to the guests a simple breakdown of the October fundraising target,

“Just 16 purchasers for suites & rooms will give us the whole Peace Palace. Four rooms have been sold already; we just need 12 more buyers.”

After a warm applause by the guests, Raja Peter expressed gratitude for the enormous generosity and support received for the project over the years and everyone’s commitment to this most timely opportunity for the nation.

The outcome of the London Peace Palace fundraising event is a marvellous and exciting one. As a result of the dinner, and the great generosity of so many people, £260,000  was raised.