Seminar with Dr. Fred Travis – Thursday 30th March 10:30-12:45

Maharishi Peace Palace Seminar
Thursday 30 March 10.30am – 12.45pm

with Dr Fred Travis

‘Are all meditations the same?
The effect of meditation on the brain’

In the field of neuroscience, Dr. Fred Travis is known as one of the leading scientists studying the effects of Transcendental Meditation® on brain functioning. He has published over 75 research papers on the neuroscience of consciousness and brain development.

He will compare the brainwaves produced by Transcendental Meditation with other meditation techniques including Mindfulness Meditation and will demonstrate live the EEG coherence experienced by a volunteer TM Meditator during the seminar.

There will be time for Q&As and for him to bring us up to date with the latest research in this fascinating area which clearly demonstrates the link between growth of consciousness with the more orderly functioning of the brain which comes about effortlessly as a result of regular TM.

Dr Travis is an excellent international speaker and we are very honoured to have him visit the Maharishi Peace Palace.

There is a small charge of £7.50 – please book and pay through the link: