About us

Dr Peter Warburton Chief Executive Maharishi Foundation UK

Maharishi Foundation Trustees

Dr Jemima Pitman · Graham Orr · David Rae · Gwyndaf Evans
David Hughes · Dr Prakash Shrivastava

The Peace Palace Executive Board

Board members include: Dr. Peter Warburton; Andreas Thrasyvoulou; D’Arcy Fenton; Dr Jacqueline Carr-Phillips; Keith Parker; John Darby, and John McHale

Andreas Thrasyvoulou

D’arcy Fenton

Dr Jacqueline Carr-Phillips

Keith Parker

John Darby

John McHale


The Peace Palace team who will welcome you and take care of you during your stay

Jane Bence

Jane Bence ~ Peace Palace Manager

Bernard Bence

Bernard Bence ~ Peace Palace Manager

Graham Scriven ~ House Manager

Annie Renwick ~ Course Office Manager

Celine Lambert ~ Assistant Course Office Manager

Margaret Kerwin

Margaret Kerwin ~ Course Office Administrator