Maharishi Peace Palace

ITV Anglia News 7 November 2016 at 6:33pm



Dr Peter Warburton, Chief Executive of the Maharishi Foundation UK, says, ‘It is truly thrilling that we have reached the point of opening the UK’s first Maharishi Peace Palace. This is the facility that Maharishi designed in great detail to be most suitable to offer his knowledge and courses, supporting the best level of understanding and experience.

‘Constructed according to the profound architectural system of Maharishi Vastu, architecture that is in tune with natural law, it is a building to promote enlightenment for the individual and, at the same time, to create coherence and positivity in society as a whole.

‘It was just to pave the way for Maharishi Peace Palaces in the UK that almost 20 years ago, Maharishi encouraged us to sell our beautiful Transcendental Meditation academies at Roydon, Badingham, and Mentmore. For various reasons it has taken a long time, but now the day has come to begin to fulfil Maharishi’s vision and open the first of many such facilities – the homes of supreme knowledge.

‘It was a most joyful event on 11th October entering this unique building for the first time, in the presence of the great leader Maharishi appointed for his global organisation, Dr Tony Nader, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, and accompanied by so many well-wishers and donors from the UK and worldwide. It was a very special moment for Maharishi’s organisation in the UK and world-wide. Everyone is warmly invited to come and enjoy the Peace Palace and all it offers.’

To view videos of the construction process of the Peace Palace over the last sixteen months, please click Latest news. You are also welcome to join us on Facebook, where we regularly post updates about the Peace Palace and the courses held there.

Due to the great generosity of over 300 people who have supported the Peace Palace project over a number of years, the first Maharishi Peace Palace for Great Britain is now open.

However, as of 16th October, to complete the furnishings and fittings for the building, funds of £83,000 are still needed. Click here for Ways to help.

For the complete calendar of courses and events at the Peace Palace, see Courses and events.